a CSound synthesis graphic interface oriented to music composition.


Sympheo is a composition tool for sound synthesis and music. It principle consists in fluctuting and ordering in time sounds individually or by group via an evolved and user-friendly graphic editor.
Sounds architecture is based on a Russian dolls construction, a sound can contain others and on several levels. The sonority is graphically parametrized by curves, it's possible to light and shade precisely either a note individually, or, either globally a set of sounds and its subsets.

This software does not intend to replace a usual sequencer. It is neither real time, nor connected midi. It is above all a graphic interface for CSound virtual synthetizers. It is comparable to a 3D computer graphic software where each image requires a calculation to be visualized, here sounds are calculated first then played.

A spontaneous curves access from each note make possible a fine and fast parameters handling.
Contrary to most commercial sequencer Sympheo allow sound modulation on any levels: from the note to tracks.
The border line between a track and a note is diffuse ( a track can be used as a note or a chord ).

After installation, I advise you to read the overview section first, then to follow tutorials step by step.


CSound is a programming language conceived to calculate sound synthesis and to carry out high level audio signal processing. The diversity and the richness of its library make it a privileged tool in field of acoustic and musical research.
I highly invite you to consult the site: www.csounds.com

Csound © 1986, 1992 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Sympheo © 2003 Eric Chahi.