a CSound synthesis graphic interface oriented to music composition.


october 18, 2004:

0.806 version is online with many new fonctionnalities:

  • Multiple Undo/redo.
  • Freeze mode to precalculate sounds.
  • Mode solo, to listen only one object.
  • Sound FX management.
  • Use of SDL and OpenGL for display.
  • Main window resizable.
  • X-ray mode to make overlapping notes edition easier.
  • Subfolder management for csound opcodes.
  • opcode file extension renamed from .orc to .udo (user define opcode)
  • Cursor position unit coordinate display on screen.
  • Object can be stretch at a value lower then 100%.
  • Sample rate, control rate adjustable.
  • predefined global curves to manage amplitude, frequency and panning..

Here is a little example of composition create with Sympheo for Omale SF novel web site.

To install Sympheo it is here --> Download


november 14, 2003:
New exe for those who still have problems with directX --> here.

november 13, 2003:

New exe, here.

- Silence bug for long track fixed.
- Multiple zoom for note editor.
- Snap grid is now effective when creating objects in notes editor (and not only when moving objects)
- More messages for this directX initialisation error occuring on some computers. (to know more)

Thanks to all of you who tell me there feeling for this first release.
Thanks to Hans Mikelson to allow me to adapt some of his instruments to Sympheo.

november 8, 2003:          !!! First Release of SYMPHEO version Beta !!!

A new CSound Front End is born !

After more than a year in the making Sympheo is sufficiently advanced to be release.
Accompanied by a documentation mainly in a tutorial form.

I created this tool for my own use first (and also to learn C/C++ language). It started from the desire to create and compose pure sound synthesis tendind towards music. Being not a musician, I prefered to create a tool putting aside instrumental spontaneity, and be focus on graphic fluctuation of each sound parameter based on strong time structure and curves. When I started this project, I was unaware of CSound existence. My knowledge in sound synthesis was low, i haved just program an internal module to do some additive synthesis using harmonics. CSound discovery changed totally my horizon of creation. I shelved my additive module and I plan to plug this fabulous sound engine to Sympheo. This is done. Currently Csound instruments (as opcode) designed for it are few, new will comes, and may be I hope from other CSounder !

Many functionnalities are missing (example: no undo/redo !), nevertheless Sympheo is fully usable.

Hoping this tool will be useful to the others...


Eric Chahi.